Jigsaw provides a single, secure platform that enables any organization with online presence or have online buzz to capture, process, classify and validate information from multiple data sources to provide valuable and timely insight to the full range of operational personnel and senior management.


By assembling data from multiple sources while ensuring information sanity, comprehensive insights can be produced and disseminated to decision makers and operational staff member. This allows organizations to be more effective in taking action to increase customer satisfaction levels.


Jigsaw is designed for any organization with online buzz. It’s designed to manage organization reputation, competition, customer relations, and organization’s events. It’s designed for the Middle East. It’s designed for Arabic language and dialects.



•  Improve the efficiency of many day-to-day tasks so that social analysts and key personnel can be freed to focus on strategic responsibilities, ensuring a more productive allocation of resources.

•  Turn raw data into valuable intelligence through state of the art artificial intelligence algorithms and deep learning networks.
Combine multiple sources of intelligence to gain a corroborated and comprehensive view of the threat landscape.

Jigsaw is a state of the art deep learning and artificial intelligence components integrated together to help you process social media’s massive raw data to extract dimensions like sentiments, locations, names, organizations, dialects, and customer’s intent and correlate all that and store it into a scalable big data platform that generates insights on a sophisticated reporting platform


• Manage every stage of the social listening lifecycle to minimize the risk that valuable information will be lost or delayed.
• Quickly disseminate data to those who need it in appropriate formats through alerts, briefings, and strategic or tactical reports.

• Identify different groups and provide deep analysis to each group and its dynamics. Save resources with a single, holistic solution that enables you to have a bird eye view for all of the available data sources.



  Solution & Benefits  

  Solution & Benefits  





Utilize the system built-in dashboards and report to detect trends, understand patterns, and learn about the different ideologies impact in various community circles. Build ad-hoc reports and dashboards to respond to urgent requests. Create reports about different incidents and events, share reports easily with decision makers.



Dig deeper into data to gather more information. The exploration module will let you inspect each event, analyze images sources, build a 360 degrees picture for a topic, let the system help you determine the general sentiment and topics using deep learning, draw social maps to identify groups, define influencers, leaders, and members of each influence group.





Capture data from different social media sources (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and News sites) for listening, tracking, and gathering relevant posts about topics/ targets of interest, in addition to capturing data from internal systems to create a holistic view of the all the current events, interactions, opinions, and potential threats.


Jigsaw collects information feeds from available information across online and offline sources, providing valuable intelligence insight. It has the capability to monitor social media channels, websites, websites, reach into legacy database systems, vet the information, enrich it and make it available for other systems. The generated insights facilitate the identification of trends, patterns and influencers and the dissemination of the social intelligence reports to the front-line staff in order to increase their ability to manage the online reputation.




Jigsaw’s data processing engine does not only process and restructure the data received from the various sources, it adds a new layer of data enrichment using propriety components developed by Jigsaw. The processing engine uses advanced machine learning techniques to enrich the data and add new layers of information that is not provided by data source providers


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