Sync Pilot

SyncPilot is a powerful component of the Jigsaw data platform that focuses on enhancing workflow efficiency and simplifying data flow management through advanced scheduling, intuitive interfaces, and seamless integration capabilities.

API Integration

Utilizing SyncPilot’s API, users can programmatically control and trigger flows, enabling seamless automation and flexibility in their data pipeline operations

Kubernetes Integration

SyncPilot ensures that organizations achieve optimal performance, adaptability, and reliability in their data workflows, even as their data needs evolve.

Advanced Scheduling

Schedule task dependencies, cron-based schedules, and date-based schedules. This will allows organizations to maximize efficiency by automating tasks according to requirements and timelines.

Intuitive Web Interface

By providing a centralized and accessible platform for managing data workflows, SyncPilot empowers teams to collaborate effectively and maintain greater visibility into their ongoing data processes.