Company Overview

Our Story

Founded in 2023 by a team of seasoned professionals, JIGSAW is the culmination of years of work in data analytics, machine learning, and AI. Our founders have spent their 15-20 year careers developing proprietary components that expedite analytics projects. These components have been united under JIGSAW to form a coherent and robust platform, piecing together disparate elements like a puzzle to reveal the complete picture.

Revolutionizing Data Analytics

At JIGSAW, we’re not just creating a product; we’re leading a revolution. Our platform leverages the power of generative AI to enhance productivity, automate routine tasks, and reduce implementation time by 60-70%. We provide core services that include flexible pipelines, advanced scheduling, and centralized data management, enabling organizations to unlock the potential of their data, streamline their infrastructure, and foster a data-driven culture.

Enterprise Ready

JIGSAW is designed with enterprise customers in mind, simplifying the process of using data insights to enhance decision-making, particularly when dealing with multiple data sources. Our platform accelerates the implementation time by 60%, paving the way for data-driven use cases and products.

Global Diversity

JIGSAW champions diversity and inclusivity with team members spread across three continents, including the UAE, Egypt, and the UK. As a remote-first company, we prioritize flexibility, allowing our team to work where they are most productive and comfortable. This approach not only enhances our productivity but also broadens our talent pool.

Your Journey with JIGSAW

Join us at JIGSAW, where minimum effort opens the door to infinite possibilities. Harness the power of your data, make informed decisions, and unlock new opportunities. Our mission is to put the magic of AI in your hands, enabling you to achieve limitless possibilities with minimum effort.