Data Gaze

DataGaze is a feature-rich component of the Jigsaw platform, designed to enhance reporting capabilities and deliver seamless integration with popular reporting tools to enables organizations to efficiently visualize and analyze their data, driving data-driven insights and decision-making processes.

Reporting Tools

Jigsaw’s DataGaze provides seamless data access layers for widely used reporting tools such as Power BI and Tableau, ensuring compatibility and ease of use for users familiar with these popular solutions. By allowing users to bring their preferred reporting tools and directly connect them to the Lakehouse, Jigsaw makes it easy for organizations to create customized,
impactful reports that leverage their valuable data assets.

Bundled Tool

Jigsaw offers an integrated DataGaze tool that comes with ready-made connections to the Information Store. With this bundled tool, users can easily access, explore, analyze, and visualize their data, creating powerful reports and dashboards tailored to their specific needs. Using Data Gaze, organizations can benefit from efficient and adaptable reporting capabilities that drive data-driven decision-making and insights.